5 Signs You Need To Eat More Fats And ASAP!

Do you feel less energetic and hungrier? It’s probably because you don’t sleep enough or don’t eat enough protein. Or could it be because you don’t drink enough water to keep your body full, hydrated, and well-functioning?

Keep guessing until you find out that your fatigue, voracity, and some more health problems might be because of your low-fat diet!

We all try to avoid eating too much fat as it doesn’t only lead to obesity but also raises the risk of serious health conditions like high LDL cholesterol in the blood which causes type 2 diabetes, inflammations, stroke, and heart disease.

But which types of fats are we talking about here? Because there are healthy and unhealthy fats that you should differentiate between.

Unhealthy fats include saturated fats like beef and beef fat, pork, poultry, butter, whole milk, and ice cream, all of which may make you suffer all of the above if consumed in excess.

Whereas, unsaturated fats found in foods like avocados, nuts, vegetable oils, olive oils, oily fish, and dark chocolate, etc., are healthy fats that your body is in dire need of.



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