It is really very sad and discouraging when you put a lot of time and effort to make your abs and in the end are nowhere to be found. The abdominal muscles are one of the most sought after request for toning advice today. Abs has become a symbol of fitness and sexy body both in men and women’s all around the world. Everyone focus on abs in the gyms and through dieting plans. Getting six packs is not as easy task as just losing weight. You have to do something more than anything to get the six abs.

To get the abs you need smart training, diet and equipment. Most of the people work too hard to achieve their goal of abs but they wonder where they were wrong. Why can’t see the abs? What are the reasons behind it? Here today I will tell you 5 reasons why you can’t see your abs and what change you have to bring in your routine to fulfill your dream.

1-Too much body fat

If you have too much body fat then obviously how could you see your abs. these fats are mostly between the rectus abdominals and the skin. First of all you have to simple got rid of the belly fats with the help of diet and exercise. Find a well trainer and start the work out to get rid of the fats.

Fix it:

to fix this issue you have to start the daily work out. If after few months your body fat is losing it means you are at the right track. Keep the record of whatever you eat and what exercise you do. When the fats will vanish from your bell you will see the abs then start working on exercises that help you to make six packs.

2-abdominal muscles aren’t thick enough

If you have a slim waist and low fats at your lower abdominal and then also you can’t see your abs then you need to work hard on getting the Rectus Abdominis thicker. If here in this part your muscles are small and weak then you will not be able to see the abs. First you have to increase the muscles of your lower abdominal and make them thick with body weight exercises. Try to tone your abs with tough training to achieve your goal.

Fix it:

To fix this problem you have to add weight abdominal exercises that will help you cause muscle growth in the abdominal. Perform atleast 4 to 5 sets of 10 to 12 reps for each weight lifting exercise to grow your abs.

3- You don’t increase the difficulty

It is true that your abs won’t grow if you do not increase force on them. You have to increase the weight lifting, the amount of resistance if you want to see progress. Simple running and exercises will not help out in this task. You will never be able to see your abs unless you work hard and develop core musculature, sit ups; crunches are the best for this purpose. Instead of doing higher reps and basic exercises for abs upgrade yourself with weight plate, dumbbell, medicine ball and other weight lifting equipment.

Fix it:

Simple you have to try the weight lifting exercises to increase the tension of your abdominal muscles. Unless the pressure will not increase you won’t be able to achieve your goal.

4-Your abs are not tone enough

Here I am not discussing the stupid expression that is used to explain somebody who has muscle mass within the sight of low body. There is such an unbelievable marvel as muscle tone that includes the amount of pressure and tension that your muscles have at a resting state. Without geeking out on you excessively, the greater part of your muscles has a specific amount of pressure while at rest. It is conceivable to build the amount of resting tension in your muscles. Many time happens that your abs show up when you flex them yet vanish when you relax. The best thing is to keep your abdominal muscle visible by increasing the pressure and tensions while they are at rest.

Fix it:

To tone the muscles you have to increase the amount of resting tension on lower abdominal. Start the plank three times a week and then increase with time. Take the help of a professional trainer so you can do this correctly to get the results you are looking for.

5- You are stressing your abs away

It is said that stress is a silent killer and it badly affects your body and health. If you are always taking stress of your abs then you will never see them. During stress cortisol is elevated from our body and when it is out of balance in the body it will nearly makes it impossible to achieve your goal. So prevent stress anyway if you are looking to have six packs. Try to manage the stress if you have in your life then only you can hit your goal. To make the abs visible your body needs low body fats, tough workout routine, adequate amount of musculature and no tension. It’s time to have a look for specific areas in your lifestyle that can stop you from achieving your goal.

Fix it:

To see the abs and make six packs you have to say good bye to tension. Try to control the reduction of cortisol by getting sound sleep, meals that have carbohydrates, have a cheat meal once a week and so on. You will feel better and you abs will be visible after some time.


If you are also making all these mistakes mentioned above then stop yourself for a while and see where you have to change the routine. People make the mistakes again and again and then say they can’t see the abs. So carefully do all these things and if you are also making mistakes then fix them for better and quick results.