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11 Reasons You Can’t Lose Fat

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#10 – Scared of being bulky

Don’t scare f being bulky because if you will think all time that you are bulky then no diet and no exercise will work on you. So clean your mind and just focus on the target. After few days you will see a change in yourself.

#11 – switching diet plans often

If you are a diet hopper and often switch your diet plans then I am sorry to say that you are not going to lose weight. Pick a diet plan that is healthy and stick with it for significant period of time to get the better results. If you will give ample time to a diet plan then only you will come to know is it working or not.


Everyone has a different body and it responses differently with the diet plans. It is not necessary that if a diet plan is working on your friend it will work on you too.

So wisely according to your lifestyle and body requirement choose the diet plan and follow the above lists to get the long lasting results. You can also take the experts’ advice too such as doctor, health care provider, and dietitian before you start any diet program to lose weight.

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