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11 Reasons You Can’t Lose Fat

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#1 – Not enough protein

One reason of being not losing weight is that you are not taking enough amount of protein in your daily diet. Focus on proteins, because proteins keep you full for long time and strength your immune system. It also keeps your metabolism in check.

For more proteins take egg whites, chicken, meet, turkey and whey protein more. When you will take enough protein then you will no longer need sugary items and other physique destroying foods.

#2 – Not exercising correctly

If you think too much rep or tough exercise will help you to lose weight then it’s time to change your mind because it is not true. This will not burn your fats but yes will build the muscles. So focus on some cardio with a sound diet plan. Adhere to the huge lifts, for example, seat squeezes, squats, pull-ups, lines, and shoulder presses.

#3 – Extra cardio

Too much cardio is also a hinder in losing weight. A little cardio is a good thing as it will improve your heart healthy, increase the circulation of blood in the body and stokes the metabolism. But, if you think to live on cardio machine to lose weight, then it’s time to stop. Too much cardio will leave you defeated and depleted. Focus on balance cardio and you will gain your goal.

#4 – Eating too clean

Eating too conscious and too clean is another big mistake people mostly do when attempting to lose weight. Eating healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and meat is a good thing but eating too strictly is not good it will lead you to fat burning plateau.

In this way you will drastically reduce the intake of sugar, saturated fats and other things that are essential for your body. Have a cheat meal once a week you will see good changes in your body and mood too.

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