10 Top Rated Muscle Building Foods For MASS & SIZE


A lot of skinny folks find it practically impossible to build up their body mass and size for two major reasons which can be either due to insufficient diet or lack of a weight training program. As a result of a naturally fast metabolism rate, it is sometimes practically impossible to put on any weight, especially in terms of muscle.

In order to have an appreciable increase in mass and size, there is a need to compulsorily step up or create a surplus of your calorie intake, i.e. you have to take in more calories than you burn on day-to-day basis.

To have an estimated amount of calories needed you can achieve that by multiplying you bodyweight presently by 24. Whatever you get will be your daily calorie to work towards in order to build you muscle.

However, a very important thing for guys and also ladies with a tiny body structure is to have a balance calorie intake during the day to ensure a regular supply of energy to your muscle and a constant metabolic rate with a lot of foods that will help to build your muscle.

Staying for a long period of time without eating will not help your system metabolism. The best way to eat for a good metabolism is to eat every 3 hours with a total of six meals per day. That should be your goal.

Your intake of protein, fats and carbohydrate should be around 25%, 25% and 50%. This will boost your energy level and the body building framework of your body to ensure an optimum muscle growth.

All these can only be achieved by going for the right foods that can enhance the building of your mass and size.

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