10 Hazardous Foods You Need to Stop Eating in Your Car

#1 – Chocolate

Chocolate The Spruce

Chocolate is one of the best and most delicious snacks that you can enjoy anywhere, including your car. Sadly, it turned out to be dangerous due to its melting nature!

In most cases, your fingers get coated with chocolate, which continues to melt against the warmth of your skin. This may sound romantic but you end up leaving ugly stains on everything you touch.

The dangerous part is when you attempt to clean the mess off the steering wheel and suddenly find yourself swerving, or worse…

According to some studies, a driver’s instinct to clean melted chocolate off the wheel often results in accidents. (Wait, don’t get me wrong but shouldn’t a driver’s instinct be to actually drive!)

#2 – Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks Twitter

Most soft drinks are easy to carry and most people don’t resist the temptation to enjoy their favorite drink while on the road because why not!

Besides the possibility that you can spill your drink effortlessly, you should also keep in mind that carbonated beverages can go fizzy while you’re sipping if you make a sudden move. I guess no need to remind you how cola fizz in the nose. It’s everything but pleasant (or safe).