Cristiano Ronaldo Shares his Greatest Fitness Secrets

He is one of the greatest football players on the entire planet. Attractive as hell, Ronaldo cannot go unnoticed. It’s true he is such a peacock and gives you the feeling to punch him in the face, but credit where credit is due.

Love or hate him, no one can deny that he is one of the most attractive, talented and recognized names and no player in the entire history of football received more plaudits for his physical qualities and dedication to his craft than Cristiano Ronaldo.

After revealing his new line of underwear collection which he modeled himself, the muscular Madrilenian had women throughout the world looking over to their other halves and wondering ‘if only’.

Come on gym Bros if you are craving to have Ronaldo’s sculpted body and one of the sexiest torsos then let me say your luck is in!

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