Top 8 Effective Ways To Protect The Skin And Prevent Sunburns

#2 – Use sunscreen often

2) Use sunscreen often_© Yahoo Lifestyle DE on Yahoo

Sunscreen is the most effective form of skin protection from sunburn. It doesn’t take long to apply this lotion and create that strong barrier against the sun’s rays.

The problem is that we tend to use it as a last resort. We buy a bottle when we hear that it is going to be a scorchingly hot day with bright sun.

Yet, we don’t always carry any with us for the rest of the summer. It pays to have some on hand at all times. You never know when an overcast day will brighten up.

Also, effective sunburn prevention means reapplying the lotion often. It will wear off and becomes ineffective after bathing or swimming. If in doubt, add some more.

If you remove a layer of clothing or roll up your sleeves, make sure to apply the cream these exposed areas. Try and top up your sunscreen every 2 hours. Finally, give it enough time to absorb before you leave the house.


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