This is What Your Walking Habits Can Reveal about Your Health

#7 – Short steps

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Short steps can indicate issues with hips or knees. Normally, your knee should straighten whenever you make a step forward. So if you’re experiencing difficulty to straighten your leg, it can be a sign of joint problems.

It’s recommended to consult a doctor to examine your knee and hip joints. Don’t wait for too long before visiting a doctor. Otherwise, you may experience health complications in the form of back pain due to the pressure put on your lower back.


#6 – Limping

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Limping can be an indicator of arthritis in the knee. An unsteady walk makes it impossible for the body to lean on one leg. This can sometimes cause a loss of balance, particularly if the knee gets “locked.” A locked knee can be extremely risky since it can “lock” unexpectedly causing the person to fall down and get hurt. If you’re having an unsteady walk, you should visit a doctor immediately.