This is What Your Sleep Position Can Reveal about You


#1 – Freefaller


The freefaller sleep position is where you’re lying on your stomach with your head turned to the side and your arms wrapped around a pillow. Many individuals find sleeping on their stomach quite uncomfortable, but those who feel good in this position would never switch to another. Freefaller sleepers tend to be friendly, open, and playful.

However, they can be so bold that it comes off as recklessness. Freefallers might usually seem free-spirited, but they secretly crave control and are anxious. This means that even though they tend to be risk takers, they surprisingly don’t have enough strength to deal with criticism or absurd situations.

#2 – Fetal


The fetal position is when you sleep on your side and curl up your legs towards your chest. In fact, it’s one of the most popular sleeping positions. According to a survey conducted by sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, 41% of participants sleep in a fetal position.

If you usually find comfort and fall asleep this way, you may have a tough shell, but are largely shy, soft, and sensitive on the inside. Fetal sleepers can also overthink problems and worry too much. Although they appear shy at first meeting, they tend to relax and open up soon.