This is What Your Earwax Can Reveal about Your Health

#3 – Earwax of a brown color

Earwax of a brown color

The reason why your earwax discharge has a darker color or is unusually excessive is that your body might have endured an extremely stressful time.

If you’re stressed, don’t wait for your earwax to tell you that you need to rest. Go ahead and spend a few days in a serene and quiet environment where you can enjoy your own company and recharge for what’s coming up next in your life.

#4 – Earwax of a black color

Earwax of a black color

If you happened to notice that your earwax turned black only once and never after or before, you shouldn’t worry about it. But if the black color remains and is accompanied by itchiness that gets stronger, then you should call your doctor right away. The black earwax can indicate a fungal infection.