This is What Your Earwax Can Reveal about Your Health

Cleaning your ears is a normal hygienic practice that you need to do once every few days or even weeks.

But most of us don’t really pay attention to how our earwax looks like and whether it’s actually healthy. Surprisingly, earwax can indicate the state of our health.

This is What Your Earwax Can Reveal about Your Health

Pick a Q-tip, check the color of your earwax, and follow me to the next pages to discover what it can say about your health

#1 – Earwax of a gray color

Earwax of a gray color

If you notice that your earwax is gray after taking the Q-tip out of your ear but you’re not experiencing any other symptoms, then there is nothing to be concerned about. Chances are it’s only some dust.

However, if there is pain or any other uncomfortable sign along with the gray color, make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Actually, city dwellers regularly have gray earwax because of air pollution.

#2 – Earwax with traces of blood

Earwax with traces of blood

Found traces of blood along with earwax while cleaning your ears? This can mean that your eardrum is damaged or even holed. Your ears, in this case, might be suffering from an infection, which can result in otitis and eventually the worsening of your sense of hearing. Therefore, it’s only wise to visit a doctor immediately after the very first few signs.