This is What You Need to Do to Prevent Bloat

Are you suffering from a bloated belly, lagging energy, and an overall malaise? In fact, all of these can often be related to your mealtime choices. But it’s not only about what you eat, how you eat can also dramatically impact the way you feel.

For instance, when you devour a loaded plate of nachos and you end up with an irresistible desire for a nap. The things you eat, how you eat them, and even what you think about while eating can take a huge part in your digestion as well as how your body processes food.

To increase your energy and decrease your waistline, here are 5 easy and effective tricks that will make a remarkable difference in how you feel after eating.

This is What You Need to Do to Prevent Bloat©


George C. Booth is a former nurse and bodybuilding addict who decided to dedicate all of his time and energy to reach and help others through writing. After 5 years of nursing, George decided to start speaking not only to patients but help everyone else avoid becoming patients in the first place. His ultimate objective is to help people look and feel their best while keeping them well-informed and inspired to always choose the healhty path.