This Is What Happens When You Don’t Change Your Pillowcase Once A Week

#1 – You can get acne

1. You can get acne© Picdeer

If you are noticing acne popping in your face out of nowhere for no reason, even though you have been treating your skin well, cleaning it daily, moisturizing it, and never harming it, then you should take a look at the bed where you rest your head. If your pillowcase hasn’t been changed for over a week, then there is a high chance to be the reason.

According to Liz Trainers, a certified healthy lifestyle coach, when you don’t change your pillowcase weekly, then your face may experience a breakout and the skin will look duller with uneven complexion.

#2 – You will sleep in your sweat

2. You will sleep in your sweat© Bleikt –

Sweating while sleeping is one of the most annoying things we experience, this is why we wake up and head the shower immediately. But, how about the sheets that held all of your sweat throughout the entire night?

The idea of sleeping on your sweat is capable to make us all gag, but if you knew the number of germs that have been left there… would you still enjoy sleeping on them for more nights?
At least, allow them to dry in an open air where the sun can reach them in order to be sanitized!