This Is How You Can Prevent Mosquito Bites

3. Rosemary

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Most people are very familiar with rosemary herb and its woody scent ! this plant is versatile and can be used for different purposes, including culinary purposes to add a certain flavor to the cooked dishes and can be equally used for mosquito-related purposes!

In fact, rosemary can be used to repel mosquitoes thanks to its odor that is too pleasant to humans but deters mosquitos and other insects! So, next time, you are cooking out, don’t forget to put a couple of pieces of rosemary on the grill.

4. Garlic


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Garlic is a very healthy food item known for its several health benefits and potent medical properties. That’s in addition to being intensely aromatic and flavorful which explain the reason why it is virtually used in each and every cuisine in the world.

Therefore, including garlic in your daily diet not only going to positively impact your health, but it will also keep the mosquitoes away! You might be wondering how something like this is even possible?

Well, when you actually eat garlic, the aroma of the garlic, which that mosquitoes hate, begin to exude from your pores and repel mosquitoes as well as other insects.



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