This is How Watching TV Will Kill You

This is How Watching TV Will Kill You© Health & Fitness


TV is a seemingly harmless villain that is slowly killing people right in the comfort of their own homes. This might seem funny, but scientists never joke around and this is actually dead serious. Researchers revealed many health-wrecking effects and behavioral problems related to watching TV. It’s time to leave your life on the couch behind, homey. After all, no one wants to die sooner.

And here is why watching TV is killing you


TV Gives You High Cholesterol

TV Gives You High Cholesterol© Pinterest

According to a 1990-study investigating the effects of watching TV or playing video games on children, those who watched TV for a longer period of time had increased cholesterol levels. Not only that, shockingly, kids who spent 4 hours per day in front of the TV were approximately 4 times more at risk of developing heart disease later on.

The main reason why the kids who watched more TV had higher cholesterol levels is that they’re also rarely engaged in a physical activity and usually eat an unhealthy, unbalanced diet.

TV Makes You Violent

TV Makes You Violent© YouTube

To monitor and document the impact of media violence on kids, Rowel Huesmann started a long-term study in 1960. One decade later, Professor Huesmann discovered a solid link between, violence seen on TV and violence done in the real world. It was found that kids who watched more violence on TV had higher levels of aggressive behavior than those who didn’t watch it.

Although the debate over whether media violence is a public threat or not is still ongoing, the correlation is believed to be very much like that of smoking cigarettes and developing lung cancer. Meaning that exposure to violent media is a major contributing factor to becoming more violent.