The Most Amazing Health Benefits of One Hug a Day

The Most Amazing Health Benefits of One Hug a Day© Pinterest

Need a hug? Of course, you do! Hugging is one of the most effective ways that connect humans to each other very easily. One simple hug can actually reveal how you feel, affect how the other person feels, and create a wonderful bond between the huggers and hugged ones.

Health websites may not tell you this but when you reach to hug a dear person, you won’t only feel amazing, but you’ll get many other mind-blowing health benefits as well.

Scientists have found that when you hug someone you care about your body produces the hormone oxytocin into your bloodstream. The latter hormone “the love hormone” induces feelings of pleasure or love as it travels through the bloodstream.

Hugs keep teaching everyone of every age how to give and receive, shine and help others shine, and they also help us appreciate the magnificent way in which love can overflow back and forth. After all, you cannot give a hug without receiving one!

Follow me through the next pages to learn more about the incredible health benefits that deep hugging can offer, even just one hug per day! (Along with some golden rules to be the perfect hugger.)