The 9 Worst Causes of Wrinkles You Need to Know (Not Aging)

#1 – The Sun

The SunForbes

Unsurprisingly, exposure to the sun is the biggest culprit for wrinkles. The UVB rays, which cause sunburn, and UVA rays, which penetrate through the skin’s layers, can both lead to premature aging and wrinkles. Avoiding excessive sun exposure (and tanning beds!) will protect you against skin cancer as well as it will keep you looking young.

Many dermatologists believe that the most common type of skin wrinkling comes from chronic sun damage. In fact, sun damage leads to the loss of elastin and collagen, which cause the skin to wrinkle. To protect your skin, you should wear at least an SPF 30 but no more than SPF 50 on a daily basis. And when you’re going out in the sun, particularly to swim, be sure to reapply your sunscreen so you can prevent sunburn.