The 15 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Cancer

The 15 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Cancer© Medical News Today

What do you think it is the deadliest disease in the world? No one can tell for sure; only statistics can reveal the relative answer. However, among the very common deaths worldwide, cancer is the number one cause.

This disease is very tricky and foxy; it can kill you in silent. The cancerous tumors’ and cells’ formation is triggered by what you consume in terms of foods and drinks, in addition to other things that your body comes in contact with.

The cases of people diagnosed with cancer are constantly increasing given many factors. The symptoms of this disease vary given the specific type of cancer and the patient’s resistance capacity.

Several types of cancer are preventable, but the rest are just professional silent killers. Reading this article might enlighten you about some of the things that you might be doing, leading to cancer. It is considerably important that you know about them now before it is too late.

1. Consuming sugar a lot

1-Consuming sugar a lot© Tenovi

You need nobody to tell you that the overconsumption of sugar can lead to cancer, right? Besides, your body will gain extra pounds that you certainly do not need.

You may not be very much into the idea of having low sugar cereals, eating sugar-free peanut butter, drinking zero sugar juices, but whether you like or not, sugar is one of the causes of cancer. Your cells can be seriously damaged because of the over-consumed sugar.

So whether it is pure cane sugar, maple candy or organic sugar that you consume, drop it off your dietary list. If you are looking for natural alternatives, try natural sweeteners; they are both healthier and safer for cancerous tumors’ growth is triggered by sugar.

2. Drinking scalding hot tea

2-Drinking scalding hot tea© Fox News

There are people who are mysteriously fond of drinking scalding hot tea, but here is a piece of bad news for them, scalding tea can cause cancer. Enjoying a cup of hot cinnamon spice tea or hot chocolate tea is a unique, relaxing moment which is indescribable.

In fact, green tea is one of your shields, protecting you from stomach, breast, and prostate cancers. But if you don’t let your drink cool off before drinking it, you are going to turn it into a poison instead of panacea.

Based on a study published lately by the International Journal of Cancer, the chances of getting esophagus cancer are increased as a result of drinking extremely hot tea. The argument, presented and confirmed by other studies, is that the esophageal lining is damaged over time because of tea heat.

3. Sitting still

3-Sitting still© Healthline

This might sound weird, yet it is true: sitting a lot can cause cancer. That is why doctors recommend regular exercising and working out to keep your body shielded from all sorts of diseases and cancers.

The risk of the latter is increased when adopting a sedentary lifestyle. This is the outcome of modern living which has made people lazier to perform any of their activities.

Studies unveil that sitting without doing anything at all for 6 hours or more contribute to 19% of deaths. You do not have to go running every morning; you can take short walks with your pet for an hour or two every evening and morning. If you are retired, engage in a club, involving physical activities like dancing or something.

4. Eating processed foods

4-Eating processed foods© The Takeout

Processed foods are cancerous foods par excellence. Vegetable or fruit processing or the processing of any other food is, in fact, a poisoning of the food itself.

We know that you cannot resist those organic cold cuts in a cheesy sandwich, but these are actually manufactured toxins, killing you slowly. Such processed foods are created to just stimulate your taste buds, which means that they contain no nutritional value.

The BMJ released a study done in France, unveiling the link between ultra-processed foods and an arrange of other chronic diseases, namely coronary heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer more importantly.

Of course, this could be considered as the primary research; therefore, more digging for the truth must be done. However, it is preferable to remain distant from anything suspicious or dangerous.

5. Inhaling wood dust

5-Inhaling wood dust© Glavni, June 2019

Have you lately done any remodeling around your household? Did that include any change of your wood tiles and furniture? As a matter of fact, it turns out that wood dust causes sinus and nasal cavity cancer.

Several people have their own home workshops where they like to make some art pieces out of wood. This sounds fun, but the more wood dust they inhale, the higher the risk of getting cancer gets. That is why it is advisable to wear a mask when engaging in similar activities.

Carpenters do not seem to have a choice, they obviously cannot change their whole lifetime profession, yet they can control the cancer risks by taking some precautions, inclusive of wearing a mask.

6. Being affected by a given bacteria

6-Being affected by a given bacteria© Fleej

The most known bacteria on the face of the earth is bacteria .H.pylori. This bacteria existed since humans did for thousands of years. Hence, being affected by a similar bacterium is quite common.

Internationally, about 2 out of 3 persons carry the bacterium according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention. The H.pylori bacteria do not necessarily make people sick, yet they are a factor leading to peptic ulcers in addition to other ulcers to which your stomach and upper small intestine are exposed.

In accordance with the data of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, H.pylori is regarded as a carcinogen. Scientists, later on, built their own tests on this, although it was debatable, to conclude that gastric cancer and gastric lymphoma are both caused by the same bacteria.

Cancer risk can be mitigated if you have regular tests for H.pylori and even for other dangerous bacteria. In case the result is positive, the treatment you will be exposed to is composed of antibiotics and acid-reducing medication.

7. Eating sausage, bacon, and ham

7-Eating sausage, bacon, and ham© Quanjing

It is known that the favorite snack for many Americans in their lunch breaks is a sausage. Whether they are ground breakfast sausage, smoked polish sausage, Penrose sausage or red hot sausages, the BMJ indicated through a study that such foods along with other forms of red meat can increase cancer risk.

Eating them is like buying your early death ticket. In order to preserve the flavor of foods, meat is treated through curing, smoking and salting it. Ham and bacon are also categorized as carcinogens.

The risk of getting colorectal cancer is also triggered by the consumption of processed meat, inclusive of red meat.

Try to avoid as much as possible consuming ham, fully cooked bacon, beef bacon, dry cured bacon, or smoked polish sausage. Decrease the portions until you quit these foods once and for all. Find healthier alternatives!

8. Using fabric softener and dryer sheets

8-Using fabric softener and dryer sheets© Slovenske novice

When we do laundry, we don’t just want our fabric to be cleaner, we want them to be softer and smell even better. But using a fabric softener pod is like consuming poison. The other laundry products used are loaded with toxic chemicals which can kill you.

Fabric softeners, for instance, are composed of benzyl alcohol, benzyl acetate, ethanol, limonene, and chloroform which are linked to a number of chronic diseases such as pancreatic cancer, central nervous system disorders, and upper respiratory tract irritation.

On the market, there are other optional alternatives which are less dangerous. Vegetable-based fabric softeners will get you the results that you are looking for and use them safely at the same time.

9. Using specific cosmetics and care products

9-Using specific cosmetics and care products© Culture Trip

We all look forward to attending Sunday parties or Saturday weddings. It is our moment to dress up in the most attractive and gorgeous gowns we got, put some of the most amazing eye shadow pallets together with our favorite climax mascara.

Whether you are using unique makeup or mac pro cosmetics, you have the right to feel and be beautiful. But be careful because some cosmetics and care products are carcinogens. It is, therefore, important to read the labels of similar products before buying them.

They usually include some of the most dangerous ingredients. No beauty company is going to label its products as carcinogens. While going through the labels, look for ingredients like DEA, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Be prudent when anything is labeled, as the best. The best Korean beauty products, for instance, may not be always as safe as the name suggests. This is applicable to all other care and beauty products.

10. Consuming salt a lot

10-Consuming salt a lot© Healthline

We have talked earlier about how the overconsumption of sugar can cause cancer. But now, we are going to lay focus on how salt can lead to the same result. Salt-preserved vegetables, salted meats, and fish which are high in salt can cause stomach cancer.

If you keep consuming such foods, containing a lot of salt, the risk of stomach cancer will increase. On the list of the deadliest cancers, the World Cancer Research Fund International classifies stomach cancer as the 3rd cancer killer worldwide.

If you use any type of salt, be it lite salt, solar salt or the likes, excessively, you will end up with damage in your stomach lining, resulting in lesions.

If the latter is not treated, the outcome will be stomach cancer. The daily recommended salt portion to consume is 2,300 mg. So before buying anything, check the total amount of sodium the product contains.

11. Using nail polish regularly

11-Using nail polish regularly© NailsStock

Having those fingers colored in your favorite colored nail polish is certainly your daily reward after all the hectic work you have to do. In the U.S, the amounts of consumed nail polish are indescribable.

Besides the attractive colors, nail polish contains carcinogens. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, formaldehyde, which is an integral component found in nail polish to harden it, can trigger cancer.

Nail polishes are rich in other carcinogenic chemicals like butyl acetate and ethyl methacrylate. Luckily, there are always non-toxic nail polish alternatives. You will get to enjoy having the same color but with zero carcinogenetic chemicals.

12. Taking hormone replacement therapy

12-Taking hormone replacement therapy© Health Thoroughfare

The HRT, standing for hormone replacement therapy, is a sort of med from which your body benefits a lot and at the same time, it is deeply affected. The HRT is rich in female hormones no longer produced by the body.

They are also used in the treatment of menopause symptoms. For women, bone loss and osteoporosis are prevented thanks to HRT. Despite the many benefits of HRT, it also comes with some risks which can threaten your life.

Breast and endometrial cancers’ risk can be increased and triggered by taking the HRT continuously. Such risks are linked to other factors as well.

Consult your doctor to discuss the effectiveness of HRT in your case and consider other options which might not put your life at stake. During the menopausal period, reaching out for your doctor is essential.

13. Using foam cups and plates

13-Using foam cups and plates© Apartment Therapy

When you plan for hosting a party, you think of the many plates you got to clean once the fun time is over. We do admit that washing dishes and plates takes time, and it is pretty exhausting as well.

That is why most people go for the most common and easiest alternative which is buying a bunch of foam cups and plates. Such plates and cups are made of a petroleum-based plastic foam which includes styrene.

This is classified as one of the factors that stimulate cancer, cause vision and hearing loss, nervous system disorders, and impaired cognitive function. The use of glass is preferred over foam cups and plates.

14. Using given types of plastic

14-Using given types of plastic© Contacto Valle – Noticias

Speaking of plastic, our daily life includes the use of a variety of plastic items and products. They look harmless, but they can lead to deadliest diseases, chiefly cancer.

The contained BPA can cause such a disease. The linings of foods, dental sealants, paper cashier receipts contain this carcinogenetic element. BPA is, in fact, believed to be a strong hormone disruptor.

Women, in particular, are the ones who are most exposed to having breast cancer as a result of coming in contact with BPA. Infants and children are also an endangered category which is sensitive to anything, especially chemical exposure, and the latter’s adverse effects.

There are rules that prohibit the use of BPA in making baby bottles and kids’ drinking cups. Still, other plastic containers contain mostly BPA. Using a ceramic or a glass alternative is going to save you from the counter effects of BPA.

15. Being obese and overweight

15-Being obese and overweight© Ueni

No one wants to look at the mirror and see himself fat, obese and overweight. However, building a healthy, fit body needs commitment and devotion which are really hard to find. You need to have a clear diet program and weight loss plan.

This is not a mere question of looking beautiful but of feeling healthy and living longer. In fact, it is proved that the risks of breast, kidney, pancreas, colon, and esophagus cancers are increased when you are overweight.

The explaining reasons are not very evident; however, what can justify this is the fact that obesity leads to chronic low-level inflammation in the body. With time, this might result in DNA damage which can cause easily cancer. So maybe it is time to quit killing yourself and start eating and living healthy.


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