Shocking Reasons Why These 9 Products Were Banned

#1 – Kinder Surprise


Kinder Surprise© Imgur

Everyone loves that egged-shaped chocolate and the wonders it hides in its heart. But since 1938, Kinder Surprise was banned from the USA. This product was found to contain a non-edible element, so the government had to make a step to protect the children and adults from this “choking hazard”.

However, and just a few years ago, inventive manufacturers were capable to circumvent the law to get the Kinder Surprise chocolate back to the US market.

#2 – Artificial Dyes

Artificial Dyes©

People started to use chemical dyes a lot more often within the past 50 years. In fact, the number of usages was increased by 500%, which is a scary percentage because these products are harming people’s health.

These additives can cause allergy, hyperactivity, and increases the risks of getting cancer. So Europe took a stand and banned them completely. The markets were obligated to remove them completely from their shelves or replace them with natural ones.