How To Know You Have A Bladder Infection

How To Know You Have A Bladder Infection©

To describe the urinary tract infection in one word, we would say: Pain.

The UTI is caused by E. coli, which is a bacteria that lives around the anus and inside the colon. Females are more likely to get this illness due to their short urethra. It is closer to the anus than it is to males.

Also, improper hygiene and intercourse could lead the bacteria to enter the urinary tract, and then multiply in the bladder, which is its favorite target. If UTI left untreated, this bacteria can travel to your kidneys from your urethra and cause extreme discomfort.

For obvious reasons, it is important to know about all the warning signs that we might be developing the urinary tract infection in order to avoid it completely and treat before it starts spreading. But first, don’t forget to consult a doctor.

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