Here are the 10 countries with the best health care

#1 – Luxemburg


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According to the Legatum Institute, Luxemburg is among the first ranked countries with regards to having the best healthcare internationally. Although it is, geographically speaking, a small country located next to Germany and France, it is still a quite rich European country.

According to statistics, life expectancy in Luxemburg is 82 years old, which is all thanks to the advent of the medical field in the country, plus its generous investment in medical and scientific research. Citizens of the country do not enjoy cheap healthcare, but rather free healthcare.

Luxembourg’s Union of Sickness Funds is the body in charge of ensuring that residents of the country receive quality-based and excellent healthcare. At the beginning, patients pay their medical fees, but 80-100% of these medical costs are paid back on an annual basis.

Children, unemployed people and students are not charged with anything until they reach the age of 27. Poor people are not forced to pay any sort of medical fees. The only tiny issue you might notice is the need for a pre-approval for some treatments.

#2 – Singapore

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Originally, Singapore is a city-state which is among the most- visited states in Asia. Its culture, architecture and history plus advent attract the eyes of millions of tourists and business people. Apart from this, Singapore has got really advanced treatment centers and solid medical infrastructure.

The city-state’s life expectancy is estimated to be 83.1 years old. Citizens of the country can benefit from affordable health care. The medical and health care policy is based on entitling individuals to their medical responsibilities.

The government gets its support from taxes revenues, multi-layered financing plus private savings fund coverage. Singapore offers three major savings and insurance programs responsible for covering 80% of the medical fees and costs in several public hospitals as well as care clinics.

In addition to the three savings programs, there are for-profit insurers who support the programs.