Here Are 5 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body In Winter!

#1 – Your feet smell worse

Don’t worry, your feet did nothing. It’s the bacteria that live on your skin that causes the apocalyptic smell we all want to avoid!

When you let sweat linger on your skin, the bacteria that feed on sweat thrive and produce a nasty smell. Now doesn’t that happen all the time and not just in winter, you may ask?

Well, you don’t wear unventilated footwear during summer, do you? Unventilated shoes, which may include boots and insulated shoes, are prone to fungal and bacterial overgrowth and when you spend all day in your boots, your feet do not breathe. The only living things that breathe in there are bacteria and fungi!

The putrid odor increases as you wear the same boots every day and reaches the stratosphere when you wear nylon socks!

Unlike cotton socks, nylon socks do not absorb sweat so it will linger against the skin of your feet and the bad odor will be ever-present.

Try some foot soaks in winter to get keep your feet fresh and healthy!


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