Here Are 3 Dangerous Types OF Headaches

Here Are 3 Dangerous Types OF Headaches© Medicalnewstoday

Medically speaking, there is a cutline between migraine and headaches. As far as gravity is concerned about these two medical conditions, migraine is far more dangerous than headaches. It requires extra attention, especially if it is a recursive health issue.

However, this does not imply that headaches do not pose any danger. Different types of headaches can be indeed signs and symptoms of other developing health problems inside your body. The resulting health issues range mostly from stroke to meningitis and aneurysm.

Sometimes, headache and nausea are linked to not serious conditions like those of pregnant women. Yet if you are not pregnant, and different types of headaches keep hunting you down, then something is going on inside your body.

At all costs, you must not gloss over the terrible headaches. Along with looking for how to get rid of a headache, you need to unveil what causes headaches to be able to eradicate the source of the issue. Let us find out together about three dangerous types of headaches.

1. Fever and neck pain

1-fever and neck pain© Postaw Na Siebie

Some people complain about having early morning headaches after getting to work. Such people were mostly addicted to caffeine. For some reason, they decided to quit drinking it for one day, and the result was caffeine headache.

This is alarming in its own right but not as much as meningitis. It turns out that neck pain and headache are interrelated. It has been also noticed that neck pain causes fever; this is when things get very serious.

Using a pillow for neck pain is not the solution, for the issue is far deeper than you think. Neck pain and fever accompanied by unbearable headaches signify that the central nervous system is surrounded by membranes subject to inflammation. Before the condition gets critical, seek neck pain relief and an overall checkup.

2. Nausea

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Just like there is a link between neck pain and headaches, there is a proven association between headache and nausea.

In medical terms, you could feel the need to throw up after eating something which upset your stomach, finding out that you are pregnant, overeating, or having an ongoing issue like kidney or gallbladder stones.

But when is a headache dangerous in such cases? When you feel that nausea has become constant and recursive, plus no nausea remedies seem to work, then there is something wrong going on. The causes of nausea vary, but when it is severe, it means that a hemorrhagic stroke is on the way.

The use of essential oils for nausea will not do you any good. You need to consult an expert on how to get rid of nausea and shield yourself from a coming-up stroke.

3. Aneurysm


Based on the headache location and severity, experts could distinguish between dangerous headaches and mild headaches. Different types of headaches are classified as not very alarming, but some conditions require immediate and emergency attention.

Some of these dangerous cases involve a signification of aneurysm. This is a condition that involves having the blood vessels ballooned out in the brain; in the event of having the brain aneurysm leaked or ruptured, the outcome could be critical, as a hemorrhagic stroke could occur.

This is a life-threatening condition which needs immediate medical intervention. If the headaches are treated on time, and the diagnosis is done promptly, the leak of the brain aneurysm can be stopped.

To put it in a nutshell, headaches are not always mere medical conditions. They can often threaten your life, causing mature death. The wisest decision you could make is stopping by a doctor.


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