9 Symptoms Of Thyroid Problems To Watch For

#1 – Your Skin Becomes Thin Or Rough To Touch


Your Skin Becomes Thin Or Rough To Touch© Pain Resource

Thyroid issues can affect the quality of your skin! According to Dr. Harrell, one of the thyroid’s responsibilities is to control the rate at which you tend to shed your skin. For instance, the skin sheds faster resulting in smoother but thinner skin in case of those with Hyperthyroidism while it becomes rougher in case of those with Hypothyroidism.

Other skin issues that can occur due to hyperthyroidism are a remarkable increase of redness in the face and hands along with feeling too much warmth and moist in the skin. As for people with hypothyroidism may experience having a pale and cold skin. Also, they might also notice that wounds are taking too long to heal.