9 Foods that Will Make You Die Sooner


#1 – Processed Meats

Processed Meats Femina

Processed meats are one of the top foods that are wrecking your health. This type of meats are smoked, cured, or pumped, and are loaded with sodium or different preservatives to extend their shelf life (and shorten yours!) The most popular processed meats include salami, hot dogs, sausage, and bacon.

The nutritionist Jennifer Clemente urges that excessive consumption of such foods alters the microbiome composition in the gut, which can result in chronic inflammatory conditions. Moreover, the World Health Organization has classified these harmful processed meats as carcinogenic.

For all of you who love bacon so much, remember that following your cravings isn’t worth the potential health problems.

#2 – Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sweeteners Apple and Fiddle

You may already realize the importance of limiting your daily sugar intake, but the one mistake many people make is that they switch to artificially sweetened foods or drinks as a healthier alternative.

Dr. Scott Schreiber, who is a chiropractic physician, says that artificial sweeteners have been associated with liver issues, neurological decline, diabetes, and more, adding that these harmful chemicals trick your body into assuming it’s consuming calories and when it finally realizes it’s all lies, it stimulates sugar cravings, leading to more health problems.

Moreover, many of the most common chronic conditions like cancer, obesity, and inflammation are associated with imbalances due to consumption of artificial sweeteners.



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