8 Signs of Protein Deficiency You Need to Watch Out For

6 – Joint pain and loss of muscle mass

Joint pain and loss of muscle mass

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders are crazy about protein powder, whey protein, protein shakes, and protein foods? Yes, to grow muscles! Muscles are actually the largest reservoir of protein in the body.

This means that a protein deficiency can result in muscle pain, weakness, and loss of mass. According to a study, these signs are commonly experienced by elderly people. Besides growing muscles, protein is vital for keeping your muscle healthy.

5 – Nail and skin problems

Nail and skin problems

If your nails are weak and brittle or have brownish spots and white bands, it could mean that you’re suffering from a protein deficiency and should do something about it.

Not only nail, a protein deficiency can also affect your skin since protein stimulates cell regeneration, producing new cells and replacing dead ones. This will cause your skin to become cracked, flaky, and dry.

So before turning to moisturizers or other skin care products, make sure that you’re getting proper nutrition.