8 Signs of Protein Deficiency You Need to Watch Out For

Protein is crucial to the functioning of the human body. So having a deficiency of protein will eventually make your body suffer.

According to a study from Texas A&M University, about a billion people around the world are suffering from protein deficiency, particularly in South Asia and Central Africa where up to 30 percent of kids are having too little protein in their diet.

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8 – Hair loss

Hair loss

Your hair actually consists of 90 percent of protein, aka keratin. If your body is severely lacking nutrients, your hair will look unhealthy, get thin, and its color may fade. How does it happen? The body simply tries to manage the lack of protein by making efforts to preserve it and not using it for non-essential things such as like hair care and growth.

7 – Food cravings

Food cravings

Food cravings are a very annoying problem because your tummy never really gets to feel comfortably satisfied. If you tend to feel hungry and keep craving food and snacks, it’s probably because your diet is high in carbs and sugar but low in protein.

The real problem could be that you’re allowing yourself too much high-calorie food which contains low protein content compared to its calorie count.