8 Popular Myths about Coffee You Need To Stop Believing

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Coffee is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance worldwide. Whether you drink it out of daily habit, you just love its taste, or you truly depend on it for energy; it is absolutely obvious that the drink has amazing powers. But, have you ever thought about the effects of caffeine on your health?

Coffee is originally a bean that contains Polyphenols and Phytonutrients, those chemical compounds are believed to have many health benefits and nutrients that most of us are aware of. Unfortunately, Caffeine also tends to have a bad reputation or even misconceptions that include many unrealistic facts.

Like everything in our life, caffeine should be used in total moderation. It is true that this energetic substance isn’t good for everyone. But, you will be stunned to discover that your commonly held beliefs are actually false.

Here are the 8 most popular myths about coffee that
you need to stop believing:


#1 – Will I get dehydrated from drinking coffee?

Will I get dehydrated from drinking coffee © pixabay

This is the most common coffee myth that all experts agree about. After many studies on the body fluid levels of more than 50 people, the fluid levels were exactly the same whether they drank water or coffee for hydration.

Scientists have confirmed that including coffee as part of your eight 8-oz cups of fluid per day will not cause body dehydration at all. So it’s better to watch out for the other signs of dehydration than to avoid drinking coffee at all.

Instead, you can take your morning cup of coffee and drink enough amount of water during the rest of the day.

#2 – Will coffee help me lose weight?

Will coffee help me lose weight© Healthline

Halle Saperstein, RD, of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital in Michigan has confirmed that there is still no evidence that coffee will help you to lose weight.

Normally, Caffeine is the major substance of the drink that is 100% stimulant; it true that this substance is generally used in weight-loss medications, but it still not for decreasing your extra pounds.

People normally drink coffee with a great amount of sugar and with calorie-crowded creams. So it is highly recommended to drink plain coffee and to decrease the sugar amount in order to make your coffee healthier and beneficial.