8 Foods You Should Stop Refrigerating


Not all foods can be stored in the refrigerator. You are probably damaging these foods thinking that they will last longer in the dark cold fridge, ignoring the fact that they cannot handle low temperatures.

Here is the simplest guide ever to make sure what foods you should stop refrigerating, so you can enjoy them at their best :

1. Nuts

8-foods-you-should-stop-refrigerating-0The cold can ruin their flavor, as they can absorb smells surrounding them. This applies to all kinds of nuts.

2. Avocados

8-foods-you-should-stop-refrigerating-1The cold seems to hinder their ripening process. Avocados ripen best at room temperature.



  1. i wou;ld like a list of food you should not put in the fridge what if you only use half of something what do you do with the it i know you would wrap it supposing you are not going to use it or a quite of days or even the following week?