8 Common Risks Of Heart Failure You Should Pay Attention To!

Cardiovascular diseases are, as the name implies, dysfunctions of the heart and also the blood vessels. Unlike common belief, there are many different types of heart conditions, not only one in particular. These heart conditions can be related to your coronary arteries, your rheumatic fever valve, and they can also be a cerebrovascular disease or even other illnesses.

We must start by clarifying that because to identify the risk factors for heart disease, we must be aware of the complexity of this indispensable muscle and how heart diseases take a devastating toll on the percentage of deaths worldwide. 31% of the deaths within our population relate to heart conditions. We are talking about almost 18 million people every year.

Before we go any further, though, it’s essential also to clarify that heart failure isn’t a diagnosis itself. These types of heart problems also occur because of some habits we have. They are usually associated with obesity, smoking, alcoholism, and diabetes and can affect the way your heart pumps blood. So it’s fundamental that you see a doctor regularly, that you have a healthy weight; if you’re a smoker, quit smoking now; that you improve your cholesterol, and manage your diabetes properly.

Now that all is clearer, you ask: what are the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease? To which symptoms must you pay attention to avoid the chances of a heart attack? We prepared a list of 8 heart symptoms you shouldn’t ignore if you want to decrease the risk of heart disease.



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