7 Yummy Foods That Will Boost Your Mood

#1 – Chocolate

Chocolate© odili

Remember Hansel and Gretel? They both could not resist the candy chocolate house of the evil lady because chocolate is naturally irresistible. Many people keep telling you that eating chocolate will add only weight and fat to your waist, still, you insist it does not.

Well; you are right! Can you walk away from chocolate Nesquik section in the market? You probably will have your eyes open than Puss in Boots. You don’t have to worry about avoiding chocolate to lose more weight.

Nestlé Research Center in Switzerland conducted a study that showed that eating a specific portion of dark chocolate covered with almonds maybe, 1.4 ounces per day, for two successive weeks will contribute to the reduction of the secretion of stress hormones, inclusive of cortisol, in the case of people suffering already from high levels of stress.

Dark chocolate includes in its natural composition a number of antioxidants that decrease feelings of stress. Now, that it has been proved, you can go straight to the market and grab the most healthy dark chocolate bar you can find with no stressful worries.