7 Surprising Signs Of Lung Cancer You Might Be Ignoring!

Lung cancer is the principal cause of cancer deaths in both men and women. The key to increasing the survival rate for this and all types of cancer is getting diagnosed as soon as possible.

So being aware of and knowing possible signs of lung cancer may help save your life or someone you know that might have these symptoms.

If you’re wondering what are some of the signs of lung cancer keep reading, and don’t forget that there’s a higher chance the treatment is more successful the sooner it’s diagnosed. So please go see your doctor if you notice any of these lung cancer symptoms.

#1 – Coughing

This is probably the most googled question related to lung cancer: “Is coughing a sign of lung cancer ?” The answer is yes but it shouldn’t be a reason to worry right away.

Coughing can be caused by a lot of things, like allergies or throat soreness. But if your cough is extreme and it won’t go away, it could be a sign of something more serious.

Lung cancer can irritate and damage your throat making you cough a lot. Cancer can too create mucus, which irritates the cough making it way worse and unbearable. So if you feel like you’re coughing too much and it won’t go away please visit your doctor.

#2 – Coughing up blood or rust-colored sputum

Coughing up blood might sound scary and it is. Unlike the symptom above of a simple cough, this one requires medical attention right away.

Coughing blood isn’t normal and you should definitely seek help if you notice blood in your pillow at night or just a tissue or your own hand. It may or not be a sign of cancer however you should get tested for it.

#3 – Weight Loss And No Appetite

If you mysteriously lose a lot of weight don’t take it as a good thing. Normally you can lose weight by changing your diet, exercising or just being a little more active in your life. Subtle changes in your daily routine can make you lose weight, little by little, but an unexplained weight loss of 5 pounds or more is suspicious.

It can possibly be associated with something more serious like lung cancer or another sort of cancer. The weight loss is related to the cancer cells using energy. You can also feel a loss of appetite which will cause you to lose even more weight. So please check if this weight is associated with something you changed in your life or not.

#4 – Chest Pain

Chest pain and cancer is something you hear a lot. It is one of the biggest symptoms when it comes to lung cancer. Especially when associated with coughing. If you experience chest pain deep in the lungs particularly when lifting something, coughing or laughing could be a sign of lung cancer.

If the pain won’t go away it could mean the tumor is growing and pressing against surrounding tissues and nerve endings. Pay attention to these symptoms, even if you think it will go away don’t wait too much until you go to a doctor. You should know the difference between chest pain and a new sensation of chest pain that you never felt before. It’s always best to be safe no matter what.

#5 – Dyspnea

Dyspnea means shortness of breath. Now listen, one thing is to be out of shape. That’s totally normal, especially in this generation is common to see a 20-year-old being winded after climbing some stairs. Nobody knows you better than you do. So you should know if you’re feeling more out of breath than normal. You might even feel some difficulties breathing when you’re sitting or lying down. Medically speaking, dyspnea can happen because there’s a tumor blocking the “windpipe”.

It can also happen because when cancer forms within the lining of the lung, it causes the liquid to construct up in your chest and in spite of the fact that your chest can hold between three and four liters of liquid when it completely fills up, the lungs are incapable to induce sufficient air.

#6 – Feeling Weak Or Tired

One thing is to be lazy or just tired because of work, school, etc. But after you feel increasingly rundown but haven’t made any changes to your daily schedule, it may well be a sign of cancer.

It can be something else, but it’s a red flag when it comes to your health. Sometimes this can happen with depression, either way, it can be related to a disease, physical or mental one that requires help from a professional.

#7 – An Asthma Diagnosis

No, people with asthma do not have a higher chance of lung cancer. Be that as it may, if you’re diagnosed with asthma after childhood, and you are feeling a few of the other side effects portrayed on this list, you have to get tested for lung cancer.

Normally, Pulmonologists listen to your lungs and hear a wheezing sound. They instantly treat it as asthma, but it’s always a good idea to get a scan just to make sure there’s no existing tumor, which could be causing a blockage. If you feel like in any way that your doctor is being negligent please look for a second opinion on the matter.

Now that you have learned the sure signs of lung cancer you should be able to judge whether you might experience these symptoms or not. Cancer is something that’s been killing a lot of people over the years. Please, when in doubt go to your doctor or to the emergencies. Your health is a priority.


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