7 Of The Most Dangerous Signs Of Coronary Artery Disease You Always Ignore!

#1 – Pain in thins, hips, and calves

Pain in thins, hips, and calves© Healthline

If you experience leg pain during usual activities such as walking, then this could be signaling a clogged artery. The explanation here is your limbs are not getting enough blood flow, which causes symptoms like cramping or muscle pain in your legs (arms, too). The pain’s location depends on where the narrowed artery or the clot is situated.

#2 – Temporary loss of vision

Temporary loss of vision© Depositphotos.com

The carotid arteries are responsible for supplying our brain and eyes with blood, so if they got blocked, you will experience blurred vision or temporary loss of vision on one side. It is important to pay attention to this sign because if the arteries are fully blocked, you will have a stroke.