7 High-Carb Foods You Need to Stop Eating Before They Kill You

7 High-Carb Foods You Need to Stop Eating before They Kill You© Earth, Food, and Fire

According to many new studies, limiting your carb intake can do more than help you lose weight, it can actually save your life!
If you eat too many carbs, you’d better stop now.

One study found that people who ate plenty of high-carb foods (over 60% of their daily calories) had about a 30% increased risk of dying in less than a decade than people who follow a low-carb diet.

Other studies suggest that following a low-carb diet can boost your memory and improve your chances of living longer.

However, cutting off carbs completely is a bad idea. Just like there are good and bad types of fat, there are also good carbs and bad carbs.
Good carbs include whole grains, potatoes, legumes, whole fruit, and vegetables.

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