7 Dangerous Things That Will Happen If You Stopped Making Love

Depending on the environment you grew up in, your family roots, and your upbringing, the “private” relationship between two people, to you, could be a topic that should not be talked about, not even to mention jokingly.

For centuries, people have considered the intimate relationship between couples as one of the biggest taboos, but as the years went by, humans have finally understood that it is a natural “activity” and a basic human need, just like food and sleep.

Without proper education, this need could turn into the source of many fatal diseases that could take humanity to its extinction!

Dangers of intimacy increase when you choose to have multiple partners at the same time, obviously. But shockingly, your risks of hurting your overall health are higher when you choose to be abstinent!

Do you think you are protecting your body or being a saint when you ignore the signs your partner give you when they are interested? Then, prepare yourself to experience many physical changes that could leave a negative impact on your health.


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