6 Warning Signs Of Nerve Damage Your Body Is Sending You

#1 – Numbness or pain


As mentioned before, symptoms of nerve damage differ depending on which and how many nerves are irritated or damaged. In this context, any condition that affects the normal function of the peripheral nervous system is called peripheral neuropathy whose causes can either be congenital or acquired from illnesses like diabetes.

This condition causes you to feel as if your hands or feet are swollen when they’re actually not, numbness, tingling, burning sensation, or stabbing pain in your limbs throughout the day.

Nerve pain, also known as Neuropathic pain, can be chronic and severe so much so that even the feel of sheets on your skin or can cause discomfort or trigger more pain. That is because when nerves are injured or damaged, they send false pain signals to your brain.

If you wake up at night with sudden waves of pain in your arms and legs, it could be due to nerve damage so you should tell your doctor who then may suggest therapy, surgery, or prescribe medications depending on the situation.


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