6 Unexpected Sources of Toxins in Your Home


6. Water


Tap water has been found to include up to 700 chemicals, including many that have been linked to cancer, immune system damage, and hypothyroidism.

Chemicals such as perfluorochemicals (found in Teflon-coated pans), cadmium (extremely toxic metal used in batteries), and PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls (found in fluorescent lighting), as well as other chemicals, make their way into your tap water when they’re dropped into soil, contaminating groundwater.

Even worse, when contaminants in tap water are heated, they can become inhalable gasses in the shower.

To prevent exposure to inhalable gasses, you can buy a showerhead filter, as it can remove chlorine, chloramines, barium, lead, and mercury. (Various models are available for under $200)

You can find out more details about the water in your area by visiting ewg.org/Tap-water and entering your Zip code.



  1. IMHO All items mentioned here are true, to a certain or lessor degree.
    However, I am much more concerned about the food we eat. Most, if not all, foods are sprayed with chemicals, and our animals are fed with all kinds of antibiotics, etc. Farming has become a cesspool of chemical use. …and I am even more concerned about the GMO (genetically modified) produce.
    The best one can do is to buy organic produced, which in many cases is much more expensive.