6 Interesting Facts about Extra Hair Growth For Women

#1 – Genetic


1-Genetic© femexer

Medically speaking, there are mainly two types of body hair. Firstly, Vellus hair which is the sort of thin hair that covers mostly the human body, which can be hardly noticed unlike terminal hair.

Secondly, terminal hair is a different type of hair characterized by its darker color and thick texture which emerges mostly during puberty. This type of hair is a reflection of the internal hormonal changes of your body to which you should pay attention.

Genetically speaking, you may get thick and dark hair because your ancestors did as well. There are certain genetic features which can be transformed to the fetus in the womb and which will appear after birth and in the process of growing. In simple terms, excessive hair growth can be a part of your DNA and genetic composition.

#2 – Ethnic Background

2-Ethnic Background© brightside

You may consider this as being weird, but a few centuries ago, excessive hair was regarded as the ultimate sign of beauty in the Persian community, Present Iran. It is a question of culture with specific, loaded and significant indications, which in this case identifies the Persian women.

Studies show that several racial and ethnic groups tend to experience an overgrowth of the hair in its generations. This is a condition which can be detected in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. Overgrowth of the hair in these regions is deemed to be a part of the cultural heritage.