5 Worst Things You Should Never Do after Eating

Many people often do these things without knowing that they are such terrible habits, which can be extremely harmful to their health.

You may be eating healthy, following a balanced diet, and working out on a regular basis. But if you still do these things, it can result in eating disorders and many other health conditions or even cancers.


Here are 5 things you should never do after you eat



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  1. THANKS BUT BEING A MUSLIM I HAVE LEARNED THESE FACTS AND MANY MORE AND ONE OF THEM I WILL EXPLAIN THE PROPHET PBUH HAS SAID YOU SHOULD DRINK BEFORE A MEAL OR IN THE MIDDLE OF IT BUT NO DRINK AFTER FOR ABOUT 45MIN OR 1HOUR OR EVEN LONGER AS IT IS VERY HARMFUL SO ITS NOT JUST TEA .SECONDLY NOT JUST CIGARETTES OR ANYTHING THAT IS HARMFUL OR PUTS YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ie alcohol or any drugs . ALLAH says this just giving a few facts myself . Also pork is the worst for human consumption this meat goes through system fastest and is a cause of cancer and a lot of diseases fact please check confirm with scientists facts .And the way a Islam teaches to slighter meat best for human consumption and most humane fact please check fact .please do comeback to me can give more facts .

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