5 Symptoms Of A Mental Breakdown And How To Overcome Them

#1 – Out Of Balance

1. Out Of Balance© Productive! Magazine

One of the signs that you need to seek out treatment or even rehab for mental breakdown is having many aspects of your life out of balance; namely, the mental and physical aspects. Even your spirit may seem out of balance too. This means that you are not functioning well in your day to day life.

Urgent nervous breakdown recovery is necessary since all areas of your life may be affected by it; professional career, social relationships, and health… However, it is normal to feel ‘off’ for a day or so (it doesn’t mean you are having a psychological breakdown,) you should start worrying when things last for weeks or months.

So it all depends on how long does a mental breakdown last to figure out the kind of help you need.

#2 – You Just Don’t Care About Yourself

2. You Just Don’t Care About Yourself© HealthyPlace

The amount of energy and time you dedicate to take care of yourself may reveal insights about your psychological state. When you are having a mental health issue, frequently, self-care is the first thing to ignore.

There are many people with a depression breakdown who just neglect food altogether, eat too much food than necessary, spend their whole day sleeping, or don’t get any sleep at all.

They usually don’t care what kind of food they are eating, and exercising and moving are the last things they would think of. Most importantly, they neglect social relationships. And this is what does a mental breakdown feel like; just total self-neglect.


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