5 Natural Herbs That Will Help You Fight Arthritis And Joint Pain

#1 – Burdock Root (Arctium lappa or Arcticum minus):


Burdock Root© Medical News Today

Burdock is widely used as a natural alternative to treat arthritis and joint issues. And that’s due to its anti-inflammatory properties and the healthy nutrients it contains, including fatty oils, sterols, and tannins.

Moreover, including this natural herb in your daily nutrition, will lead to a significant increase in essential fatty acids, which in return are considered very effective in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

There are many ways you can consume the Burdock root herb, for example, you can eat them in stir-fries or make a decoction by chopping two tablespoons of this herb and add them to boiling water.

ALLow the decoction to simmer for about ten minutes and then you can turn off the heat. After that, you can strain and drink warm. You can also take the herb in capsule form but before you do remember to follow the dosage directions and calculate the right one for you using your own body weight.