5 Clear-Cut Signs That Your Diet Is Harming You

#5 – Menstrual Problems


5. Menstrual Problems© Reader’s Digest

When it comes to hormonal problems, menstrual issues are considered to be the most common and can occur due to a hormonal imbalance. If this issue is left untreated, it can lead to serious issues like depression.

Therefore, if you think that your thyroid is no longer functioning properly, then, you’d better schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist very soon.

However, it would be worth mentioning that one of the reasons that contribute to the development of this issue is the lack of iodine in the body. And even if you include foods rich in iodine, they might not be enough as you will still need to take iodine supplement.

* Note: Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor first!

#4 – Memory Issues

4. Memory Issues© Modern ClinicianFit

If you are suffering from an omega-3 deficiency, your body will start to absorb more of trans fat, which eventually leads to the development of depression, according to scientists.

That’s not everything as an omega-3 deficiency can also cause memory issues and therefore, you will find yourself unable to work properly during the day, concentrate, or even remember important things.

In this case, if your memory issues are accompanied with depression issues, you should include foods high in omega-3 in your daily diet. Here are some foods that you should be eating more :

• Fish.

• Nuts.

• Oils, especially flax oil.

• Sprouted wheat grains.


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