5 Bad Eating Habits You May Be Teaching Your Kids

#1 – Fast food meals


1. Fast food meals© Eat This, Not That!

Being able to work fulltime and take care of your children requires an extraordinary effort. Also, trying to improve your career, and doing the household chores leaves you with almost no energy for kids and toddler meals.

That’s the reason why you seek refuge in fast foods since they are easier to get and will take you no effort to order. However, experts are warning that this may make your kids adopt this habit and make it a routine that is hard to break. Therefore, you will be creating a generation that googles (weight loss plans) more than anything.

Cooking home meals could be challenging for single parents or families with a low income. Even though, try to keep an eye on opportunities to buy cheap and discounted fruits and vegetables, while using your weekend to practice meal planning.

Also, use your free time in preparing healthy snacks for toddlers with your older kids in order to teach them the value of healthy eating.

In a nutshell, make sure to avoid these meals as much as possible and teach your kids healthy foods consumption. Certainly, we don’t mean to provide them with the best diet plans, but just try to introduce the basics of healthy eating.

#2 – Junk Foods Snacks

2. Junk Foods Snacks.© parents

You may be thinking that grabbing a Sneakers’ bar or two before dinner time may not lead to any harm, but what you need to be aware of is that your kids may be adopting the same practice and then eating more junk food than necessary.

You should be sure that no matter how many times you keep on giving advises concerning health benefits of healthy foods, and no matter how much you structure your kids not to eat between the meals; they will learn from your actions, not words.

It is recommended that you provide your kids with 2 or 3 snacks a day. Try to give them one between breakfast and lunch and –if you have to- another one between lunch and dinner, and be more firm on this.

Also, try to choose healthy snacks such as peanut butter or yogurt which have healthy fats and proteins. All in all, try to hinder yourself first from all-day-long snacking for the sake of your children’s health.


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