10 Zinc Rich Foods That Will Help You Fight Cold

Flu season is here! So you’ll want to make sure you’re eating well to keep your immune system strong and up to the challenge. What to eat when fighting a cold? Certain foods, especially those that contain zinc, can help protect you against the cold and flu.

Most people usually think to load up on vitamin C when it comes to fighting the cold, so it may come as a surprise that zinc can be much better. According to studies, zinc is most effective in shortening a cold when taken on the first day of symptoms. This is due to this mineral’s ability to help prevent the virus or bacteria from replicating in your body.

Zinc is essential for the body to make DNA in order to promote tissue growth and repair, help wounds heal faster, and strengthen the immune system.

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To make sure you’re getting enough of the nutrient in
your diet, try to incorporate some of these 10 zinc-rich foods
that will help you stay strong