10 Worrying Signals From Your Body That You Should Never Ignore

#3 – Blurred vision

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Blurred vision© depositphotos

If you already unable to see clearly without glasses, then it may be normal. But if you are wearing glasses and you still have a blurred vision, then something is wrong. Same with people who don’t wear vision glasses!

However, if you suddenly started to notice that you are not capable to see the road signs or people’s faces perfectly from an ordinary distance, then you may have developed astigmatism or short-sightedness, and you will need to visit your optician as soon as possible.

#4 – Blobs in front of your eyes

Blobs in front of your eyes© ted

Often, we look in front of us and see some strips or dots, especially in the presence of bright white light. But if these weird dots keep appearing in front of our eyes for more than a week, then consulting an optician is a must because it could be an early sign of cataracts, diabetes, or some serious issues with your vision.

If you didn’t fix this issue early, you may end up needing a laser surgery.

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