10 Unusual Ways to Help You Prolong Your Life


1. Starve Yourself

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In 1934, researchers discovered that the lab rats that were fed near-starvation diets lived much longer than what they expected.

In 1986, this was confirmed following an experiment by R. Weindruch and others where they used the same diet on mice.

After that, almost all tested animals have given the same result. Being provided the necessary nutrients, they could live longer on a diet that starves them but keeps them alive.
Now humans are trying the starvation method for themselves. One example is the CR Society, which is a group of individuals who are committed to prolonging their lives through a reduced calorie diet.

Well, those who follow this diet do exhibit many anti-aging effects, such as lower blood pressure and reduced insulin resistance. Moreover, the Okinawans, one of the longest-lived populations in the world, follow a similar diet as part of their culture. This calorie restriction practice is known as hara hachi bu and consists of eating only about 1200 calories per day and to stop eating before they’re full.