10 Types Of Cancer You Can Get If You’re Overweight

10 Types Of Cancer You Can Get If You're Overweight

Is there any relationship between obesity and cancer?

You might probably think that being overweight have some serious effects on your joints, your heart, or even on your energy levels. But you may not know the dangerous role bodyweight plays in improving the risk of having Cancer.

According to a recent study made by The International Agency for Research on Cancer, every year there are more than 72,000 of new cancer detections in women, and 28,000 of them among men are related to obesity. Researchers claim that there is a strong link between extra weight and cancer, and so this issue has started to gain an important interest by scientists so they can know the exact reasons for it.

Graham Colditz, The deputy director of the Institute for Public Health at Washington University, declared that the relationship between overweight and cancer risk is not as simple as losing weight to avoid cancer. So, the chance of having cancer isn’t compiled to people who gain pounds, but rather with folks who have never lost their weight.

However, it is difficult for a scientist to detect what could happen to your cancer risk if you went slim after being obese, so it is recommended to avoid gaining more weight and to maintain a healthy diet to reduce the risk. Losing weight will definitely decrease the risk of heart issues, stroke, diabetes and also cancer.

Keep reading to know the 10 types of cancer you will
probably get if you are overweight

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#1 – Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer©

Extra weight can be the first cause of a woman’s breast cancer, especially after menopause. Postmenopausal obese women have a bigger risk of evolving breast cancer from 20% to 50% than a normal or a healthy weight.

Recent studies have shown that after the menopause period, the fat tissue of the body becomes the first producer of estrogen which becomes the main source of hormones in the female body.

However, estrogen may boost some tumors, which means that having extra fat will lead to extra estrogen, thereby improving the risk of breast cancer.

#2 – Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer© Medscape

According to the National Cancer Institute, obese men and women are more likely to have colorectal cancer with a 30% rate than people with a healthy weight.

The institute’s recent reviews have proved that insulin resistance is strongly related to the risk of colorectal cancer especially when the body stops using insulin properly, which automatically increases the blood sugar.

Overweight people are more likely to have this issue; also their fat tissues will release Adipokines hormones that improve cell growth including the colorectal tumor cells.


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