10 Surprising Ways To Get Rid Of The Bad Breath

#8 – Clean your dentures

Clean your dentures


Being toothless is not an excuse to stop caring for your dentures! In fact, caring for your dentures is just as important as caring for your own natural teeth. Therefore, it is crucial to devote some time on a daily basis to clean them in order to ensure that your dentures will last for years to come.

Brushing and soaking your dentures are two important steps that you shouldn’t take for granted. They will help you get rid of the bacteria that might be causing you the embarrassing odor.

#7 – Never forget to floss after each
and every meal

Never forget to floss after each and every meal

Flossing is important too! Some people never ever do it thinking that this method is useless. Well, believe me when I say that something simple as this can effectively help you kill the mouth odor.

What really happens is that when we eat and don’t brush our teeth or floss, the food particles remain between the teeth and the bacteria from food dive deeper below the gumline, therefore, cause the stinky breath and sometimes may even lead to infection.

You can just say that your mouth is so much like the trash bin if you leave it full, It will automatically stink. No need to be smart to draw the conclusion, it is enough to think logically to understand that flossing can be your lifesaver when you lunch or dine out!

A piece of advice: If you are in a rush and don’t have much time to brush, don’t forget to immediately floss

#6 – Change Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

Change Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

To be together for the better and for the worse is definitely not applicable on your toothbrush. Once it gets old, it’s should be thrown in the trash bin. So, every 3 to 4 months, you should consider getting a new one. Using an old toothbrush can dd more bacterias to your mouth that’s in addition to the fact that the frayed and worn bristles will no longer clean your teeth effectively.

A piece of advice: Once you recover from the flue, throw that toothbrush away even if it’s still new. This way you won’t risk bringing back those old germs back to your fully recove#2E7D32 body again.