10 Signs of Pancreatic Cancer You Need to Watch Out For

9 – Light-colored or Greasy Stools

Light-colored or Greasy Stools

Normal levels of bilirubin actually help give stools the brown color that we are familiar with. Remember the bile duct we mentioned earlier? If it is blocked, stools may turn gray or switch to a lighter color.

Moreover, when the pancreatic enzymes and bile duct are unable to travel smoothly to the intestines in order to help dissimilate fats, the stools are likely to become greasy (floating stools means they’re greasy.)

8 – Itchy Skin

Itchy Skin

When bilirubin accumulates in the skin, the patient would start experiencing yellowing and itchiness. However, the most common cause of jaundice is not pancreatic cancer. There are many other causes that are much more common, including hepatitis, gallstones, and other liver and bile duct diseases.

If your skin starts to become yellow and itchy, you should consult a doctor immediately. According to experts, such symptoms can indicate pancreatic cancer and need to be treated properly.